How to Look And Feel Fresh While Traveling

Summer is right around the corner! Can you believe it?! For those of us with kids in Vegas, summer break begins in less than a month. What are your summer plans? We’re still working on ours! If you’re flying anywhere this summer, read this post! Even though you may be feeling jet-lagged, these tips will help you arrive at your destination looking and feeling fresh.

I recently shared my Travel Beauty Essentials, if you didn’t see them, check them out here. Now, let’s bring that travel theme back and talk about How To Look and Feel Fresh While Traveling!

How To Look and Feel Fresh While Traveling


I feel like this tip is included in every post I write! That’s because its the easiest way to keep your skin looking its best. It also helps you feel your best, having dry, cracked skin is uncomfortable! Before boarding a plane, complete your skincare routine and DO NOT skip your moisturizer.

For an extra skin brightening boost, use a moisturizing mask the night before traveling. Airplane air notoriously dries out your skin. Using a hydrating mask the night before you travel will give your skin that extra moisture it desperately needs before crossing the jet bridge. I also highly recommend keeping a great hand cream and lip balm within reach while you’re on the plane to hydrate your hands and lips as needed. If you really want to go all out, go ahead and use a moisturizing mask for your hands and lips the night before you fly too!

Using some nasal spray and eye drops while flying will help avoid discomfort from dryness as well. Your skin isn’t the only thing that can dry out in airplane air! As much as we want to look great when arriving at our destination, feeling great when we get there is even more important.

Quick Reference: The How To Look and Feel Fresh While Traveling List

  1. Use a moisturizing mask the night before traveling.
  2. Keep a hand cream and lip balm within reach.
  3. Avoid discomfort from dryness by using nasal spray and eye drops.
  4. Put on an eye mask the morning of your flight.
  5. Brighten your eyes with mascara, undereye concealer, and eyeliner.
  6. Define your face with eyebrow gel.
  7. Apply CC Cream and highlighter to bring it all together.
  8. Lock in your look with a setting spray.

Fake Being Awake

Some flights are early, too early! To avoid the I’m-exhausted-and-feel-like-a-zombie look, fake it. Here’s another instance where masks come in handy. While you’re dragging yourself out of bed and throwing your things together, put on an eye mask. This will help perk up the look of your eye area and actually help you feel more awake by taking away that tired-eye feeling.

To make myself look and feel more awake, I also like to apply my favorite mascara, put a little brightening concealer under my eyes, and apply an eyeliner that is slightly brighter than my natural skin tone to my waterline. Okay, let’s back up a second and break that all down.

Mascara will instantly add definition to your eyes, making them look bigger, brighter, and more awake. Concealer will help mask dark undereye circles, you know those things that broadcast to the world, I’m tired! By applying an eyeliner that is lighter than your natural skin tone to your waterline, you’re again giving your eyes a brighter, more awake look. Any one of these eye-brightening tricks will help, but all 3 together will have you looking rested and radiant before your vacay even begins!

FYI, your waterline is that line of skin between your bottom eyelashes and your eye.

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Add The Finishing Touches

To pull it all together, frame your face by swiping on some eyebrow gel to define your eyebrows and frame your face. Next, apply a tinted CC Cream and some highlighter. For the CC Cream, go for a semi-matte formula that won’t dull your skin. For the highlighter, go for a stick formula that you can easily travel with. Swipe some down the bridge of your nose and along the top of your cheek bones. I like to bring the highlight that I apply to my cheek bones up and around the corners of my eyes too. I’ll post a reel on my Instagram so you can see exactly what I’m talking about!

If you’re feeling extra, apply some eyeshadow using an eyeshadow pencil. Don’t cover your entire eyelid, just blend it in along your upper lash line. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a ton of time to get ready before a flight so no need to be precise with your eyeshadow application. As long as you quickly blend, you’re good to go! Also, throw your eyeshadow pencil in your bag after you’re done with it, since it’s not a liquid and it’s compact, it’s ideal for traveling!

Lock in your look with a setting spray. This will not only keep your makeup in place, it will help it last the duration of your flight. Remember, the whole point is to look and feel fantastic when you arrive at your destination!

What are your travel plans this summer? Please share in the comments below!

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